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Robert Funaro & Joanna Bonaro
Christian Thom and Lauren Cipoletti
Photo by: Carol Rosegg





"How Alfo Learned to Love

is a terrific tale of family and baseball and life."



How Alfo Learned to Love reviewed on Times Square Theater Gossip Website:





























The writing is fun, funny and relatable; the actors highlight these aspects brilliantly, keeping you engaged and feeling like you're around family! A funny love story with the importance of family at the root is a play that's food for the soul! All in all I give it five canolies and a baked bread! -- Sofi Negro, Facebook


I was truly touched. I laughed and I cried, it was very heartfelt and passionate. The chemistry between the cast was genuine and beautiful. I learned that when you set out to look for love, you will never find it... It always happens when you least expect, with the person you least expected. Sometimes, that love is right under your nose. That's what I'm taking with me. ❤ -- Yasmin Caceres, Facebook


This is brilliant... capturing of the depths of love and romance was truly hilarious and insightful at the same time.  The cast were superb and the whole audience was laughing throughout. -- Stuart Huntley, Facebook

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Photo by: Carol Rosegg
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